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I find beauty in the imperfect. 

It's through imperfection that we can see the rawness and truth behind what is visible.  The Japanese call imperfection wabi-sabi. It is embracing what is muddled, imperfect, the ragged and aged.  It is the antithesis of how our society defines beauty.  That is how I see life and how I carry out my work as a jeweler and artist.  To be imperfect means to be raw, authentic and true to our human nature.  My work embraces the rawness of the materials I use as well as the the cut and energy of the stones that I use.

That is the beauty of life; to be unique and to embrace and love our imperfections. 

To be imperfect gives us the freedom to live without fear, to live in the moment, and to not live by the rules. That is the philosophy behind this company and that is the philosophy which guides me on a daily basis.

My jewelry celebrates the spirit of women and embraces their sacred self, femininity, sensuality, imperfections and power through gemstones, and symbolism. I hope you find connection, meaning and power with each piece you wear.